Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.6.11

10 years ago view-show 6,181,164
So I figure this is the best way for a girl to creep any guy out, dont like a guy? Just show them the womb on your shoulder.

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.4.11

10 years ago view-show 16,096,608
Hmm, I wonder what goes through a guys mind when getting a tattoo like this? Naked chicks are fine but whats up with the crazy bush and monster leg veins?

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 4.23.11 (Easter Edition)

11 years ago view-show 12,278,970
Seeing its such a religious time of year I decided to do an Easter Edition of tattoo fails, if you dont celebrate Easter, thats also okay. A fail is still a fail.