New Music: Fredo Santana – “Bricks”

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After dropping "Bodies on the Ground" last December Fredo Santana returns to 2015 with "Bricks" an autotune-drenched cut. But if autotune isn't your thing and you're not feeling Fredo's movement then peep the awesome cover art above. That's Bobby Hill (from King of the Hill) with Fredo Santana's signature tattoos. I guess that's the only takeaway from this. Oh well. Peep Fredo Santana's "Bricks" after the jump. Or just stare at that hilariously rad cover art above. Whatever you want.

New Music: Chief Keef & Fredo Santana – “Bodies on the Ground”

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Chief Keef links up with his older cousin and fellow Chicagoan Fredo Santana for a new collaborative track. It's been a hot minute since these two were on a track together but they're back with "Bodies on the Ground" a HurtboyAG production. Listen after the jump.

New Music: Fredo Santana – “Go to War” Feat. Lil Reese

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After the recent confrontation involving Migos and GBE member Capo, Fredo Santana has shared a track bluntly entitled "Go to War" featuring another fellow GBE/300 Chicago rapper Lil Reese. Fredo also had some words for Migos via Twitter, writing "@MigosATL I'm in LA but stop playing wit capo on bd for I get y'all whole camped killed facts my word is LAW so don't test" Listen to "Go to War" after the jump.

Video: Fredo Santana – “Fu*k the Other Side”

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Fredo Santana isn't one to mince words, which is precisely why it's quite simple here: fu*k the other side. Don't get it confused, Fredo says. And with a song title and message like that, how could you possibly get it twisted? The message was sent as soon as you read the title. Watch the video to Fredo Santana's "Fu*k the Other Side" after the jump.

Shots Fired? New Chief Keef Song “Beetle Juice” Mentions Bobby Shmurda Lyrics

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When Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N***a" music video went viral over the summer many detractors took aim at the striking similarities between the Brooklyn rapper's aesthetic (both in sound and visuals) and the burgeoning Chicago drill scene. However, the negativity quickly died down, especially when nobody from Chicago's scene seemed to take issue with it. Now, Chief Keef and Fredo Santana drop "Beetle Juice", a track with a questionable lyric that appears to take a jab at Shmurda. "You know you ain't catch no body bout a week ago," raps Keef, which is a lyric directly lifted from Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N***a" in which Shmurda mentions his pal Mitch catching a body. You decided for yourself if that is a diss, after the jump.

New Music: Fredo Santana – “How You Want It”

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Fredo Santana's been keeping awfully quiet lately. But his new track "How You Want It" loudly breaks the silence. Produced by Hurtboy AG, "How You Want It" finds Fredo in his classic form: trappin', trappin', trappin'. Check out the track after the jump.