New Music: Jaden Smith – “Offering”

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Jaden Smith a.k.a. the son of actor Will Smith a.k.a. the Young God is blessing us this beautiful Wednesday afternoon with some new heat in "Offering." Jaden has been on a roll with his music especially with the run he went on late last year. He dropped so much bombs on us it was beginning to get hard to keep up with it all. Here he's sharing "Offering." Check it out after the jump. And check out past Jaden Smith tracks we've posted here: "Trophy," "Fast," "Melancholy," and "Blue Ocean."

Download Jaden Smith’s New Album CTV2

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A mere day after his 14-year-old sister Willow dropped a brand new track featuring SZA, Jaden Smith returns the favor with a new album. Entitled CTV2, Jaden has made the entire project available via his very own music app. While the project is a brief eight tracks one particular track "Let It Breathe" clocks in at over ten minutes. Needless to say Jaden continues his reputation as a stream-of-consciousness, liberated spirit on the project (see previous releases like "Trophy" and "Melancholy" for reference). Listen after the jump.

Stream Jaden Smith’s Prakruti EP

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Jaden Smith's recent run of releases has earned the young Hollywood superstar some recognition and props from hip-hop heads and now he treats everyone with a three track EP serving, entitled Prakruti. The entire EP is produced by Téo. According to Jaden the entire EP is dedicated to Kendall Jenner (little half-sister of the Kardashians), whom he is "in love with". Stream the EP after the jump.

New Music: Willow Smith – “Female Energy” (Freestyle)

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Judging strictly by her new track Willow Smith appears to be following in the creative footsteps of her older brother, Jaden. You may recall the recent transformation, of sorts, young Jaden has miraculously gone under. He's finding his voice in the music world, releasing strange and uniquely perplexing rap songs. From his cut "Trophy" to spitting morose bars over Pink Floyd's "Melancholy" the kid's got an interesting perspective on the world. So Willow is taking some notes, releasing "Female Energy", a freestyle that is equal balance introspective track and brilliantly imaginative songwriting. She just sounds so free on the song. Oh, and she's 13-years-old. Listen for yourself after the jump.

Video: Jaden Smith – “Blue Ocean” Feat. Kylie Jenner

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The young prophet Jaden Smith has been on quite a tear lately, unsuspectedly dropping heat after heat after heat. What is perhaps most impressive about this rap run Jaden is currently on is just how diverse the kid can be. He's dropped everything from introspective tracks with substance behind the lyrics to trunk-knockin' bangers to flat-out melancholy tracks. All this, of course, at the tender age of sixteen. And now Jaden Smith returns with a somber music video for "Blue Ocean" (featuring sister Willow) which "stars" Kylie Jenner as his love interest. Something tells us there is more dope ish on the way from Jaden. Peep the video after the jump!

New Music: Jaden Smith Spits Bars Over Pink Floyd on “Melancholy”

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By now hip-hop heads are hip to the fact that 16-year-old Jaden Smith is actually a dope kid with some pretty serious rap potential. After dropping an unexpectedly ill track "Trophy" he followed that up with some more heat with "Fast". As if that wasn't enough Jaden goes and continues his musical streak by rapping over Pink Floyd. No, not a Pink Floyd sample. An actual Pink Floyd track. On his new cut "Melancholy" Jaden raps over Pink Floyd's 1973 song "Breathe" and it works out for the kid. Jaden even delivers some hilarious self-deprecating bars: "Oh you rappin' on this? I bet you thought that you would body this/ You messin' up a classic, how you did with The Karate Kid". That's just awesome. Listen to the new Jaden Smith track after the jump.

Video: Jaden Smith – “Fast”

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Damn son, where'd you find this?! Jaden Smith continues his streak of delivering that heat with a video for "Fast". You may recall us posting the Jaden Smith track "Trophy" a week back, which was a surprisingly dope track from the 16-year-old actor turned rapper. In "Fast" we find Jaden Smith turning up in a parking lot and in the streets, furthermore showcasing his unrelenting carefree attitude. The track, you ask? It's got a banging beat and Jaden spits with a Migos-esque flow. Take that for what you will. Watch the video after the jump.

New Music: Jaden Smith – “Trophy”

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Before you simply read the title, stop at "Jaden Smith", and move right along browsing the world wide web you should actually click the "read more" button and give this new track from Jaden a chance. For starters: it's a mere two minutes long. "Trophy" showcases the 16-year-old's foray into serious raps. Yes, serious raps. Jaden delivers a, albeit rudimentary, smooth flow. It's short, sweet, and to the point. If Jaden Smith is, in fact, serious about this here hip-hop thing then "Trophy" is certainly a good starting point for him. After all, a certain someone named Nasir was already penning a classic in his teens. After the jump.