New Music: King Chip – “Brand New H*es”

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King Chip got fans. And they f**k with him heavy, too. Which is why it's doubly disappointing that he hasn't dropped his new album yet, despite the endless promises. Clevefornia is set to come out later this year, but in the meantime Chip's holding his fans down with "Brand New H*es," which may or may not be on that forthcoming album. Peep it after the jump to decide whether or not you're f**king with it.

New Music: King Chip – “Harley”

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While King Chip preps the release of his forthcoming CleveLAfornia project he is sharing a new track from said project. For "Harley" Chip links up with producer ShoNuff. Listen to "Harley" after the jump and be on the lookout for King Chip's CleveLAfornia.

New Music: Almight GloryUS (Kid Cudi x King Chip) – “Chillin’ While We Sippin'”

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Back in 2010, around the same time Kid Cudi was releasing Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager and assisting Kanye on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, he was also touring and collaborating with his Cleveland homie King Chip. Their working relationship and friendship blossomed and they would adopt the name Almighty GloryUS. Sadly, however, nothing really came from this collaboration. Until now. Thanks to producers Blended Babies and Chuck Inglish the 2010 track "Chillin' While We Sippin'" has been unearthed. Listen to AlmightyUS' vault track after the jump.

Video: King Chip – “Lazy And Lucrative”

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King Chip has this art-house video for your viewing pleasure. The title fits the concept perfectly too, a collage of slideshow images, some intense lazing around and a dark brooding protagonist. It also takes the focus off of Chip and puts it squarely on the Ohio sound and lifestyle he wants to celebrate. Watch the too-cool video after the jump. H/t NahRight.

New Music: Casey Veggies & King Chip – Lipstick On The Blunt

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New joint from Mr. Veggies and King Chip on a drippy saxophone track that sounds like eighties homage meets sitcom camp. Chip and Casey create real chemistry on their paired verses. From the The Sparks Foundation' Forever Madness The Randy Savage EP. Hat tip to NahRight. Stream after the jump.

New Music: King Chip – “Lazy & Lucrative”

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King Chip offers this amazing single about sloth. It seems like an ironic endorsement of visionary laziness. The Cleveland king may have another competitor if a certain Talent returns from South Beach but, until then, he might have that midwest swing on lock.