Did Nicki Minaj Plagiarize Her Hit “Starships”?

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  Producer Clive Tanaka has filed a lawsuit contesting that she did, in fact, rip this song's instrumentation without crediting him. It sounds awfully similar, despite some tempo differences and, you know, lyrics. Listen to Nicki's version after the jump.  

40 Glocc Hits Game With $4.54 Million Dollar Civil Suit After Getting Beat Up

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Didn't know that civil suits were part of the G-Code. You learn something new everyday. Seems like 40 Glocc is taking this fight to the courtroom, and is seeking out almost $5 Million Dollars in the process, after The Game laid the smack down on him a while back. He's suing for pain and suffering, distress, loss of earnings, and other stuff. If you haven't seen the beating, or forgot about it, head down bottom for the comedy.