Pusha T Posts Lyrics for King Push Track “Untouchable”

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After recently being named the heir apparent to the G.O.O.D. Music thrown -- by Kanye West himself -- Pusha T is sharing the lyrics to "Untouchables", the first publicly announced track from his forthcoming (and highly, highly-anticipated) new album, King Push. Read more after the jump.

New Music: Method Man – “Water”

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Method Man's latest album, The Meth Lab, is out now. And today Meth is sharing the lyrics video for Water," a track that could be found on his new album. You can find the visuals for the lyrics after the jump, and if you're feeling it head over to iTunes to pick up your copy of The Meth Lab.

Time Is Illmatic: The 20 Best Lyrics From Nas’ Seminal 1994 Debut Album Illmatic

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It's difficult to say anything that hasn't already been said before, as we've had exactly 20 years to process the greatness that is Nas' 1994 debut, Illmatic. Basically everything that needs to be said has already been said. Without even hearing a single beat, sample or rhyme from the album, you already know what Illmatic is. And with 20 years under its (championship) belt the acknowledgement of its greatness is brought right back up on its anniversary, including the release of director one9's Nas: Time Is Illmatic, a documentary film that chronicles the circumstances leading up to the groundbreaking record. And we here at iHipHop thought we would honor Nas' Illmatic in the only way we see fit: counting down the album's 20 absolute best lyrics. Of course, this was quite a daunting task for us seeing as there's easily more than 20 incredible, groundbreaking lyrics on Illmatic. But we tried our best. After the jump!

Long Live the B.I.G.: 20 Lyrics From Ready to Die That Are Still Ill Today

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It's hard to fathom but The Notorious B.I.G.'s seminal masterpiece from 1994, Ready to Die, officially turns twenty. The album is, to this day, renowned in the hip-hop community not only for its incredible longevity but its stark storytelling about growing up in the ghetto and experiences as a young criminal. The album was significant in pushing hip-hop as an art form and critics took note, praising Biggie for his poignant, semi-autobiographical lyrics and vivid imagery. We thought it would be fitting to look back at these said lyrics, primarily those that are still ill to this very day. See the full list after the jump.

New Music: Beyoncé – “Flawless” Remix Feat. Nicki Minaj

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Maybe the two most important women in hip hop and R&B on a track, one being the Queen. The universe opened up for this remix. Yonce also talks her sh*t about the elevator incident. Thank a higher power and listen after the jump.

Blue Chips 2: Translating Action Bronson

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i can't front like i ain't say 'white ghostface' dismissively when i first heard action bronson. first off, that's a great idea, ghostfaces of all colors and weight classes. second, the only way the King Of Opulence could be rendered more intriguing is to tell that tale from the perspective of someone really familiar with fine living: a white dude.