5 Things We Learned From Drake’s “Pound Cake” feat. Jay Z

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first of all, pause that song title all the way.   now, another moment in hip-hop weekday singles release history happened today. jay z, temporarily descended from his throne of art collecting and international-ing, blessed the people (those wicked ingrates) with a verse from on high. and it's on drake's new album. reasons why this is major...

The Best Quotables From Earl Sweatshirt Interviews

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it may be that his "daddy was a poet" as he explains on "Burgundy", an anxious and self-immolating song from Doris, or that his way with phrasing seems unique for a 19-year-old. (or an any-year-old for that matter.) but lately it seems like the media has taken to using earl sweatshirt quotes as pieces of journalism in themselves.