New Music: Method Man – “Water”

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Method Man's latest album, The Meth Lab, is out now. And today Meth is sharing the lyrics video for Water," a track that could be found on his new album. You can find the visuals for the lyrics after the jump, and if you're feeling it head over to iTunes to pick up your copy of The Meth Lab.

New Music: Method Man – “The Purple Tape” feat. Raekwon & Inspectah Deck

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Method Man should be dropping his new project The Meth Lab shortly (August 21st to be exact) but in order to hold fans over he's sharing "The Purple Tape," featuring legendary Wu-Tang Clan members Raekwon and Inspectah Deck. By now everyone should be familiar with those three words: The Purple Tape. If you're not, it's quite simple: It refers to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... and its unique purple plastic packaging. So it's only convenient that Rae is present on the track, too. Listen to Meth's "The Purple Tape" for those monster Wu verses you've been thirsting for after the jump!

New Music: Method Man – “Reporting From the Slumz”

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Method Man is looking to one-up his sparring partner, Redman, who recently released a new track, with "Reporting From the Slumz" -- a new cut from his forthcoming The Meth Lab project. Wu-Tang Clan members have kept awfully busy this year and Method Man's The Meth Lab is way up on the list for people still checking for Clan stuff in 2015. Anyway, check out "Reporting From the Slumz" and get The Meth Lab on August 21st.

New Music: Method Man – “88 Coupes”

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Method Man will be releasing his new project The Meth Lab August 21st (check out the first single here) and until then he's going to tinker around with French Montana's "88 Coupes." Check it out after the jump.

New Music: Method Man – “The Meth Lab” feat. Hanz On & Streetlife

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You know what was a good show? Breaking Bad. Throughout its five seasons creator Vince Gilligan and company crafted some fine dramatic television centered around a struggling high school chemistry teacher producing crystallized methamphetamine to secure his family's financial future before he dies. If you have yet to see it I highly recommend it (I also suggest you quit living under a rock.) The show is such a hit that it's reviving the career of one Staten Island rapper. Method Man is a legend in his own right (check out his debut album, Tical) but let's be real: Wu-Tang Clan is finished, their latest album A Better Tomorrow is crap, and RZA has basically lost his mind. However that's not stopping M-E-T-H-O-D (MAN) from trying to jump start his career in the burgeoning 2010s. Thanks to Breaking Bad (and the subsequent popularization of methamphetamines) he's releasing a new project entitled... wait for it... The Meth Lab. Get it? Because he's Method Man and his name has a connection with meth. Well, at least he's trying something unlike GZA who's merely complaining about contemporary rap lyrics (or lack thereof.) He's also sharing the project's track title which features Hanz On and Streetlife. Check it after the jump.