New Music: Ja Rule Shares a Pair of Tracks in “New York Giant” & “Nah!!”

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Going away to jail is no laughing matter. Getting out and not being able to readjust yourself back into society is even worse. Ja Rule, the once famed early 2000s New York rapper, has been in and out of the system quite extensively over the last decade -- he's been hit with a gun charge back in 2007. As just when things were looking up, in 2011, Ja Rule received an additional 28-month prison sentence for tax evasion. Good news is he's been out since 2013 (see: pic above) and it's nice to see/hear he's in good health. Unfortunately the music he's putting out could definitely use some jailhouse-like dicipline, for lack of a better word. He's sharing a pair of new tracks here, in "New York Giant" and "Nah!!" Neither one of these tracks is all that popping, to be honest. Hopefully Ja receives some assistance from notable contemporary producers and writers to bring him back to 100% in this modern rap ish. Listen to both "New York Giant" and "Nah!!" after the jump.

iHipHop Reveals A3C Volume 5; Shares Cover and Opens Submissions via Bandcamp

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After the overwhelming success of A3C Volume 4, the A3C Hip-Hop Festival has renewed its partnership with iHipHop Distribution to bring a diverse array of new hip-hop to fans across the globe with A3C Volume 5. In the spirit of discovery, A3C and iHipHop Distribution have opened their doors to accept submissions from artists and producers across the globe. You may submit your music for A3C Volume 5 here. Read more after the jump!

New Music: Papoose – “Michael Jackson” feat. Remy Ma & Ty Dolla $ign

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You know, I'm not the biggest Papoose fan. Personally, I'm not a fan of his music or his personality. That cringeworthy New York attitude, that dated sound, that unwillingness to create forward-thinking music. We've got guys like Future and Chance the Rapper out right now, killing the game in their respective lanes, that you often wonder: Where does Papoose fit into all of this? And the short answer is: Nowhere. No offense, of course. The dude can spit, I guess. But one thing I've always admired about Pap is his unbridled love for fellow rapper, Remy Ma. Remy was locked up for some six years stemming from a gun charge and during that time Pap was behind his woman 100% of the time. And with the two now set to appear on the new season of Love & Hip-Hop Pap is showing his lady love via a Ty Dolla $ign feature. Remy is featured, too. Check it out after the jump.

New Music: Tree – “Trafikka Bambaataa”

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Don't sleep on Tree, even if his moniker is corny. This Chicago emcee has a style he calls "soul trap" and you'll see why as soon as you hit that play button. Here he's continuing doing what he does best: Give you that pure, unadulterated ish. Check out Tree's "Trafikka Bambaataa" after the jump.

New Music: Al-Doe – “Hells Angels” feat. Dave East

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Al-Doe, who is part of Smoke DZA's RFC supergroup (check out their excellent 2014 release The Outsiders, which you may get via iTunes here) teams up with Harlem native Dave East for a new cut entitled "Hells Angels." The track, produced by The Heatmakerz, can also be heard on iTunes, which you can cop here as a single. Also, you may stream the track for free after the jump. Enjoy!

New Music: Jaden Smith – “Offering”

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Jaden Smith a.k.a. the son of actor Will Smith a.k.a. the Young God is blessing us this beautiful Wednesday afternoon with some new heat in "Offering." Jaden has been on a roll with his music especially with the run he went on late last year. He dropped so much bombs on us it was beginning to get hard to keep up with it all. Here he's sharing "Offering." Check it out after the jump. And check out past Jaden Smith tracks we've posted here: "Trophy," "Fast," "Melancholy," and "Blue Ocean."

New Music: Troy Ave – “All About the Money” (Remix) Feat. Jeezy & Rick Ross

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Troy Ave's club banger "All About the Money" receives a heavyweight remix with Jeezy and Rick Ross. Although Rozay has already jumped on the track before, he does it once again only this time with "War Ready" partner Jeezy. Listen to Troy Ave's "All About the Money" remix featuring Rick Ross and Jeezy after the jump.

Video: A$ton Matthews & Young Thug Drop Off Their Verses for The Rap Monument

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Three cities. Thirty rappers. One track. The Rap Monument. Full track coming soon. We've already heard "bricks" (verses) from Pusha T, Danny Brown, Nipsey Hussle, Problem, Raekwon, Vado, Go Dreamer, Flatbush Zombies, and Meyhem Lauren. But today Noisey is dropping off perhaps their most controversial entry to the fold in Atlanta's Young Thug. Quickly glancing over some online comments it's clear that many don't feel Thugger should be on The Rap Monument, but frankly it wouldn't be a proper representation of the current hip-hop climate without a name like Young Thug in the mix. He's made a huge splash in the rap game over the last year and not having him here would be a detriment. Whether you love him or hate him, peep Young Thug's The Rap Monument brick along with A$ton Matthews after the jump.

Video: Behind the Scenes Footage of Kanye West’s GQ Shoot

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When Kanye speaks, the world listens. And back in July when Kanye West graced the cover of GQ he was interviewed and offered some insight into his world. And just in case you wanted some more words of wisdom from the Chicago rapper we got you covered with this behind the scenes footage of that said GQ photoshoot/interview. In this behind the scenes footage 'Ye speaks on his goals with this particular photoshoot and how far he will go to pursuit perfection. Watch after the jump.