New Music: Quavo (Migos) – “Trap Queen” (Remix)

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Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" cut has been making rounds in the streets and airwaves for a minute now, so naturally with the success of a song come the remixes and freestyles, ad nauseam. This one is courtesy of Quavo, one third of the Atlanta's Migos. Listen after the jump.

New Music: Quavo (Migos) – “Tha Truth”

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As we're sure you've already heard, Migos were involved in an altercation following a DC nightclub performance in which Migos member Quavo was allegedly robbed. While Migos continually denied being assaulted or robbed (the item in question is Quavo's gold QC chain) the alleged assailants have repeatedly posted photos and videos of themselves with Quavo's aforementioned piece of jewelry. This has all boiled down to Quavo himself having to clear the air with his new track "Tha Truth." Mind you it is rare to hear from a singular Migos member on a track, so mark this one down for the record books. Listen to Quavo set the record straight on his new track "Tha Truth" after the jump.

Stream and Download Migos’ New Mixtape Rich Ni**a Timeline

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New Atlanta's power trio Migos return for their second official mixtape of 2014 (following the excellent No Label 2) in the hilariously titled Rich Ni**a Timeline. The new mixtape contains eighteen no frills exotic trap bangers equipped with amazing, over-the-top adlibs and trademark triplet flows. Also, from what we have gathered, there are also absolutely no features present on Rich Ni**a Timeline. Quite a refreshing stance in modern hip-hop, we must say. Stream and download Rich Ni**a Timeline after the jump. Quavo! Ugh!

New Music: Migos – “Fake Watch Busta”

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Don't you dare callout Migos for rockin' fake jewelry. Don't you dare try and rob them, either. Migos set the record straight on their latest track "Fake Watch Busta", which takes its name from the Instagram account of the same name that outs celebrities and rappers for owning allegedly fake jewelry, particular of the wristwear variety. Peep the track after the jump.