New Music: Young Thug – “Love Me Forever”

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After dropping his all-around great retail mixtape Barter 6 a few weeks back (read my review here) Young Thug returns with some new heat. "Love Me Forever" finds Thugger reunited with ATLien producer London on da Track and although it's uncertain whether or not this track will appear on Thug's forthcoming debut album HiTunes this track is sure to give fans something to enjoy in the meantime. Check out Young Thug's "Love Me Forever" after the jump.

New Music: Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug – “My Homie”

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Rich Homie Quan recently announced that he is officially splitting from Rich Gang (Young Thug and Birdman, being the other two members at the moment) to focus on his own brand. Quan didn't exactly reveal any juicy details as to why, given his rapport with fellow Atlantan (and self-proclaimed "brother") Young Thug. Could this be Rich Homie Quan's answer to the recent, highly publicized squabble between Lil Wayne and Birdman? Who knows. There is no real, definitive answer as Quan has wisely kept his lips sealed on the matter. However, it's worth noting that as soon as word got out about Quan's departure a song entitled "My Homie" surfaced online. The song, as the internet collectively has noted is ironic, with both Quan and Thugger being on the track together. But we doubt there's any beef, so to speak, between Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug, and we can probably expect more collaborations between the two. Anyway, enough gossip, check out "My Homie" after the jump.

New Music: Young Thug – “I Swear to God”

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Young Thug and his favorite producer London on da Track link up with "I Swear to God" which may or may not appear on he and Rich Homie Quan's Rich Gang: Tha Tour Part 1 sequel. Listen after the jump!

New Music: Rich Homie Quan – “Whatever” feat. Young Thug & “Falisha” feat. Migos

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Another day, another string of Rich Homie Quan tracks. By now I'm not sure I can handle more RHQ loosies, I want an album! Seriously, dude puts out so many loose tracks they can fill up five full-length albums. Don't get me wrong, I like Quan but by now it's time to put out a full length solo project. It's been a minute! Anyway, this pair features Young Thug and Migos. Listen to "Whatever" and "Falisha" after the jump.

New Music: Gucci Mane – “Down On That” feat. Young Thug

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In case you haven't heard, there are over three full hard drives full of unreleased Gucci Mane material just sitting around. And depending on your taste level that's either a good thing or a bad thing. Regardless, that's a whole lot of Gucci. And today you're getting another unreleased Gucci track, as he sits in prison. This time it's "Down on That" featuring young ATL hotshot, Young Thug. Listen after the jump.

Video: Young Thug – “Givenchy” feat. Birdman

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Young Thug and Birdman drop the visuals for the Rich Gang Tha Tour Pt. 1 cut "Givenchy." It's flashy, exuberant, and certainly excessive. What more do you want? Peep the visuals after the jump.

New Music: Metro Thuggin (Young Thug & Metro Boomin) – “Speed Racer” & “Warrior”

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Metro Thuggin, the collaborative project between Atlanta super producer Metro Boomin and the always entertaining and idiosyncratic Young Thug, has been awaiting to see the light of day. With the exception of a few loosies here and there, there hasn't really been much in the way of Metro Thuggin. However, this all may change in 2015, as they prep the release of their collaborative studio offering. Here we are treated to two cuts in "Speed Racer" and "Warrior." Listen to both after the jump!

New Music: Young Thug – “Friend of Scotty” (Prod. Dun Deal)

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"No homo but my blunt look like a d**k" utters Young Thug on "Friend of Scotty" the latest leaked cut from the New Atlanta weirdo. And frankly this may be the strangest, most bizarre track from Thugger Thugger we've heard yet. Which I know, in retrospect, may seem like a stretch in a catalog consisting of "Miss U," "Picacho," "Lifestyle," and "Ain't Trippin'" to name just a few. But seriously, "Friend of Scotty" has the aforementioned blunt to penis analogy as well as talk of pizza pies and their subsequent toppings. Anyway, listen for yourself after the jump.

New Music: Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan – “In This Game”

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Atlanta's premiere hubbies (best friends) Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan team up for another slapper for 2015 in "In This Game." The duo continue to offer up new tunes for fans as everyone patiently waits the upcoming Rich Gang: Tha Tour sequel. Listen to "In This Game" after the jump.