New Music: Guilty Simpson – “Rap Stampede”

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If there's one thing there's never a shortage of in hip-hop it's The Simpsons references. And we'll gladly take as many as we can get. Acclaimed independent hip-hop label Stones Throw is taking it one step further for their "Cassette Store Day" pop-up by dropping The Simpson Tape featuring Guilty Simpson and Oh No. Check out the track "Rap Stampede" from the project after the jump.

Video: Homeboy Sandman – “Problems”

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HALLWAYS makes a bold first step with the single "Problems," which is as Tribe Called Quest fun as it is Pharaohe Monch dour. That's the great quality of Homeboy Sandman, who makes no qualms about explaining his moods, affectations and joys. We were sweating the single when it dropped. Here's the video after the jump.

New Music: Homeboy Sandman – “Problems”

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The Boy Sand emerges with this single from his upcoming album Hallways on Stones Throw. It's bluesy, no-frills and colored with cynical humor. Great easy opener for dense topics. After the jump.