Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.31.11

12 years ago view-show 670,428
Tramps stamps are usually a turn on...unless its something like this.

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.24.11

12 years ago view-show 33,469,722
I give him creative points for tattooing around his skin tag but it also makes it one of the grossest tattoos of all time.

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.19.11

12 years ago view-show 15,178,878
I`m not mad at the the true love thing but whats up with green stuff around the vibrator?

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.17.11

12 years ago view-show 4,668,345
This isnt a fail because bootylicious is spelled wrong, its a fail because I can guarantee that whatever that is, its def NOT bootylicious.

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.12.11

12 years ago view-show 884,961
I`m all for chicks with their breast out but this is not what I had in mind

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.10.11

12 years ago view-show 25,890,777
Tinkerbell and anal beads. I wonder where mom went wrong with this one?

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 4.23.11 (Easter Edition)

12 years ago view-show 12,292,038
Seeing its such a religious time of year I decided to do an Easter Edition of tattoo fails, if you dont celebrate Easter, thats also okay. A fail is still a fail.