Despite Being in a Wheelchair, 2 Chainz Still Tours

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“They ask me what I do and who I do it for,” 2 Chainz inquires on his 2012 hit, “Birthday”. Well, after today’s announcement, one thing is clear: he raps, and he does it for his fans.

New Music: Your Old Droog – “Hidden Persuaders”

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Your Old Droog will be taking his rap skills from Coney Island and take it to the world. He's embarking on a Euro tour, which according to the art above, begins June 8th. Also, you can check out his new track "Hidden Persuaders" after the jump.

Video: Childish Gambino Says He Will “Kill” Kendrick, Drake & Schoolboy Q

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As if this headline weren't ridiculous enough, watch the footage of Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino acting...well, childish. This is all part of a performance meant to hype a crowd in Sydney, Australia and to live precisely in a moment. But, the actor-turned-rapper is often so caught up in his own internet self-awareness (i.e. titling last year's proper debut Because The Internet) that it's hard to believe this was all spontaneous. What does he stand to gain from name-dropping? Check the video after the jump.