Talib Kweli joins popular ‘Second Life’ online community

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      Warner Bros Records/Blacksmith announced that they have launched a virtual community for Talib Kweli in the growing 3D social networking site, Second Life.
      Second Life is a computer-generated environment in which users, known as residents, can build and own their content online. Residents create and dress up characters, build homes, create neighborhoods and live out alternative versions of themselves. Residents can also spend real money, converted to ‘Linden Dollars’, to make their life in the virtual world more comfortable.
      Kweli has built his own online Brownstone in the Second Life world where fans can come in and play pool; hang out at the bar, or just chill and talk to other fans. There’s a also a rooftop stage where fans will be able to enjoy streaming live Kweli shows from around the country as well as get a sneak peek to his upcoming album, Ear Drum.
      "Second Life is the logical progression for online web communities,” Corey Smyth of Blacksmith said. “It brings web interaction to life. You are able to enter the mind of your favorite artist through online concerts, neighborhoods and basic one on one interaction. We are excited that Talib Kweli is part of such a progressive community and look forward to continue to build with Second Life."