Tee Grizzley Vents His Frustrations With Poignant Freestyle

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A powerful freestyle from the Detroit artist.

When tragedy strikes, people mourn in their own ways to heal. In the case of the George Floyd murder, anguished citizens have taken to protests, fundraising, speaking out and up for justice — the mode of healing might differ, but the ultimate pursuit of righteousness is shared. For Tee Grizzley, one of his coping methods has been leaning into his art, using his voice for cathartic expression while simultaneously raising awareness.

Recently, the Detroit rapper posted an acapella freestyle regarding police brutality, offering his unflinching perspective on the integral issue plaguing our country and the beautiful black souls who inhabit it. In the clip, Grizzley speaks from the heart, venting his frustrations while demanding answers; he questions the hypocrites who lambasted Kapernick for peacefully protesting yet lament violent retaliation. 

This freestyle offers a window into the mind of someone who’s sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s raw, emotional insight into someone dealing with these issues daily — someone who just wants justice served.

Rest in power to all the black lives taken by the hands of bigotry and systemic racism. 

Watch Tee Grizzley’s freestyle below: