Thats Hot!!! Radii Noble ‘Back to the Future’

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Look I`m not on some Mr. Me Too sh*t, in other words I dont rock something because someone else has it, I rock it because I think its hot. Nothing worse than seeing every hoodbooger rocking what you got on. After I retired from wearing ATOs I needed a gap to fill that void and Radiis were less common than Supras and more swagged up in my opinion (weird emo dudes love Supra so im good with that). If your the type to need a cosign from a celeb to rock something then you can still rock with this. Radii has been seen on people like Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, Day 26,Flo-Rida,Travie Mccoy, Black Eyed Peas,Trey Songz and more.

Their latest release is this new colorway from the Noble line. I know some of yall wont f*ck with it cuz it doesnt have the Nike check but real talk the Marty McFly’s Air Mag 2015s arent supposed to come out until 2015 so get your swag up and stop playing. Knowing their price range you wont have to break the bank either, most likely these will go for a $100 to $120. Watch out for these in July and For more info about Radii go here


  1. oh those are dope hypebeast might hate em but hypebeast are the same people that would pay 300 dollars for some foamposites lol

  2. i have the nobles in a different color way but they dont say radii on the tongue, i hope these are just for the add and the real ones dont have the logo on the tongue. its the lack of names or logo that make these fresh

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