The Amber Rose/Vibe Beef Gets Even Weirder

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So Amber Rose was none too pleased with her feature in Vibe and recently went to twitter to complain about it.  She made some bold declarations including that Vibe flat out falsified their reporting.  Vibe’s EIC released the following message via Vibe:

As we’re sure you’ve heard, Amber Rose has expressed some displeasure with VIBE’s June/July cover story. VIBE stands by the accuracy and reporting of the narrative. We invite you to form your own opinion, however. The Sexy Issue hits ‘stands nationwide June 7.

Jermaine Hall

However that’s just the start of it.  Vibe also released an additional excerpt in which they establish that the magazine was forced to find a replacement interviewer after Amber’s management thought the female interviewer, who is also bi-sexual, was trying to hit on Amber.  Are we in the twilight zone?  Is this really happening right now?  Gotta love urban media in 2011.  More importantly made me realize that iHipHop definitely needs to step it up in the bi-sexual blogger department.  Well done Vibe

The conversation turns, however, after the reporter mentions that like Amber Rose, she too is a proud bisexual. They talk about their shared crush on Disney’s Princess Jasmine, but then Rose’s manager chimes in: “I don’t want any girlfriend talk. She’s in a relationship with a man right now, so can we talk about that?”“We can talk about it,” Rose says. “It just has to be written very tastefully because when people think of bisexuals they think of nasty, freaky girls that have threesomes all day.”

Time is up. When Rose departs for her meeting, her manager asks if she could borrow VIBE’s Town Car.

A call to arrange another interview with Rose, results in her manager quickly hanging up.

Later that afternoon, a VIBE editor contacts Rose’s manager. The manager is concerned about some of the people contacted for secondary interviews. She also suspects that the reporter is trying to have sex with her client. Rose, her manager says, isn’t comfortable talking to the reporter again, so VIBE agrees to let another contributor conduct the follow-up interview with Rose.

They even came through with another pic of Amber performing simulated fellatio on a Popsicle.