The Clipse: “Lil Wayne Ain’t No Legend”

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      In the upcoming issue of Laced Magazine Pusha T and Malice discussed their so-called “beef” with Lil Wayne. Within the last few years a little bit of animosity rose between the two camps after, what The Clipse say, “the streets said Wayne was biting the Clipse.” The duo also had a few thoughts on Lil Wayne (and fans) calling himself a legend and the greatest rapper alive.

      “If you Wobble Dee Wobble Dee, you can’t be a legend,” Malice told Laced Magazine in the interview which was previewed at  

      “You can’t kiss other men, you can’t wobble dee-wobble dee, and you can’t bite styles,” Pusha T added. “You can’t bite everybody’s styles. You can’t try to rap like Jay-Z, dress like the Clipse, become a coke dealer after 5 albums, and now dress like Jim Jones. You can’t do all that and be a legend.  You have to be a trendsetter and he ain’t setting any trends.”

      The Clipse also announced that they’re working on a movie, “Hell Hath No Fury.” The film will be about the group’s hiatus after “Lord Willin’” up until last year’s album “Hell Hath No Fury.” The film will be directed by “Shottas” helmer Cecil Vera.


  1. One word to Clipse: Wayne is on his grind gettin that money, money, money….cake. Yall niggas doin interviews in magazines that dont matter.If Wayne bit your style, he made that shit better. Your albu that just dropped was wack. The we got it for cheap album sold more than the shit yall just dropped. Stop fuckin cryin and start rappin……Bastards

  2. he’s right but wayne aint that bad , he can freestyle Fuck ja rule, but he needs to watch his mouth ,sayin fuck those that left cash money after he wrote a song sayin he miss em

    naw he needs to get back to da hot boyz shit B.G. Turk & Juvi

    and carlito whatever the fuck thats more than 1 word homie so why dont u stop imitating rappers and start learnin how to talk ………dumb mutha fucka

    4 deuce squad up

  3. biten style… nigga please lil wayne been doing his thing. yall first single was GRINDING which was BULLSHIT in the first place lil wayne is a fantastic rapper and he can freestyle off the dome sum real shit ya jus calling him out because u no saying his name and making beef wit him will put yall ass out there so people will pay attention to yall lame azz so wont yall get off his dick and make ya own… money if ya can

  4. Wayne is the best rapper alive, He’s to young to be a legend. Far as the Clipse they was good about 5 years ago (DOWN HERE WE NOT FEELING THEM)

  5. Ok Wutang…..You talking about me imitating rappers. Who am I trying to imitate? You talking about I need to learn how to talk, why dont you learn how to put complete sentences together. Carlito Bragonti is from a movie dumb ass. I dont care bout known of these rappers like you do. In your photo looking like a gay Tupac. What the fuck is a ”deuce squad up” This aint th 80’s nigga and I aint one to play wit, so stop while you at it.

  6. All ya Wayne fans are dickeaters. I liked Wayne when he was himself but since Gillie Da Kid got to Cahs Money it has been a drastic change for wayne. He was looking for a way to be cooler and to renvent his slef so he started seeing what other people do and now he is a mini me of a lot of niggas. Clipse are trend setters and they started that APE shit before Jim Jones or Wayne shit even before Jeezy. YA need to wake up and stop being fed the bullshit. Wayne bit Hov style, Clipse, GIllie, and now Jim jones and them…How you screaming “im so sip-set bird gang its a shame” YOU NOT EVEN DIPSET DICK RIDER U CASH MONEY PRESIDENT…THAT LIKE HOVE SCREAMING HE UNIVERSAL WHEN HE DEF JAM THATS DEICK EATING IN ITS SELF . I LOST RESPECT FOR DUDE ON TOP ALL THA”T HE KISS MEN YA’LL THAT THINK ALL THATS COOL U GAY TOO.

  7. I fukks with the clipse on this one.
    Yeah wayne is hot and he do spit that fye. But he starting to lose me with this kissn baby in the mouth.
    No matter who you are it’s just somethings U jus don’t damn do. Ya hurd me. And all you wayne followers go and kiss ya mans in the mouth at the club and see what kind of reaction you get since that shit so cool.

  8. fuck clipse, they wouldnt even have any media without pharells beats, they’re lyrics are all wack and all they talk about is sellin dope, wayne is no legend but his metaphors and similies and takin this rap game over which im not even happy about but he is sick

  9. I cant say that Weezy is wack..but i don’t really fox wit him like dat..I definetly fox wit da Clipse doe..Weezy iz a bbit of a biter doe..I remember when he came wit tha carter one I was like whoa is Jigga writing for this dude..then all of a a sudden he was Baped out..and then all of a sudden he had the tank top wit the beelt wit da crazy buckle..the clipse make a good point…

  10. kissin on dudes??? no excuse for that shyt! wayne got punch lines for days but other than that hes gay!lol
    the clipse keep it street, wayne trys hard to be street…gay!

  11. oh and wutang your a jack ass carlito didnt even come at you and how the fuck is he imitating rappers your post was stupid anyway
    Get on your grown man cause gang banging went out a long time ago

  12. fuck wrong wit the clipse? these niggas WACK AS HELL!!! dont nobody WANT to copy their style nigga go platnium before u talk. wayne a legend already and he aint hit 30 yet.

  13. all yall niggas is dumb thats the problem wit yall nigga im from VA and know about the clipse and can really relate to the shit they spittin all yall nigga’s listining to a nigga talking about selling drugs and killing mothafuckas,,,,, man yall nigga’s stupid wayne been rich since he was like so when did u have time to do any of the shit he spit about FACE IT YALL NIGGAS LISTING TO A BUNCH OF FAIRY TALES MAN THAT AINT RAP

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