The-Dream Drops Video About Cheating…Day After He Gets Caught Cheating

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I just thought the timing of this was comical.  I mean the title is a little misleading considering Dream claims he and Christina have been separated for months, but I still found it ironic.  Regardless of if they were together or not, you know he got a call from a none to pleased Christina yesterday.

The-Dream needs some serious PR work.  I think the guy is talented as hell, but his image is kind of f*cked right now.  He’s always complaining about something which pisses all the dudes off, and now he got caught banging his assistant while he is still married to the perfect Christina Milian which pisses all the females off.  Get you sh*t together Dream.  I know you think you are gods gift to music, but us everyday people don’t feel like we owe you anything.  And at the end of the day it’s everyday people who make people like The-Dream matter.

The-Dream “Nicki Pt. 2”