The Family Of Emmett Till Talks About Going After Lil Wayne’s Sponsorships

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Might be time for Wayne to hire a really good PR team. 

If you don’t remember, Weezy had a line on Future’s ‘Karate Chop’ remix where we rapped, “I’ll beat that p*ssy up like Emmett Till.”  For all of you non history buffs out there, Emmett Till was a boy that was brutally beaten to death back in 1955 for whistling at a woman.

Those lyrics didn’t go over too well with Emmett’s family, and Wayne later apologized. But now it seems that apologizing isn’t enough, as Emmett’s family is ready to go after Wayne’s sponsors, particularly Mountain Dew. Only time will tell how this plays out. It didn’t go too well in the case of Rick Ross and Reebok, so lets see how Mountain Dew handles this.