The Fix: Jay Electronica (Download)

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jay_badu_nas_kelis.jpgJay Electronica. For those in the know he might be the most anticipated rap artist in a very long time. I’ve scoured the internet and collected every Jay Man track I could get my hands on, since I first heard him roughly 3 years ago on a Premier mixtape. I did NOT have this joint right here. I’ve wanted to do a post on this dude for a while now anyways so what better time than now after I found this gem?  There are many rumblings around the blog world and the industry in general that Jay and Just Blaze are doing a project together. Just posted a 16 second snippet of one of the songs from the project on his blog. I got my fingers crossed for this one. This song right here is nuts. Jay is nuts. If you are not familiar with Jay Electronica then fix that. -Cinematic“Retro Electro”– Jay ElectronicaTo Preview the track go here.