The Game In Love

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By: Dee
      So I don’t know the story behind these pictures.  I don’t know if this was The Game’s first love, if she’s his baby mama, I don’t even know how old he was when these pictures were take.  What I do know is that I like seeing throwback pictures of celebrities.  Check out a couple pictures of The Game and some girl from back in the day.  I bet he was really feeling her.  I wonder is that the same chick that went on "Change of Heart" with him.  I’ve got to revisit that video… 


  1. Game is a fag and i am from the west and i like g-unit more then this guy he has a toungring that gay shit g-unit is the shit quit hateing on the unit GAME OVER

  2. I hope youre sayin he’s a bitch cuz his rap sucks, and NOT because in this picture it looks like he has a legitimate relationship with a woman who isn’t a video ho. cuz that’s cute. rappers should show the decent side of them more often

  3. u niggas r a trip, just cause a nigga can be sensative, he’s a bitch…ya’ll the bitches, damn haters.leave the GAME alone, get some cheeze, then talk!!! mutha fuckas

  4. the guy said how old is that pic. Come on now who here has never looked younger then normal? or who hasnt smiled in a pick b4? he’s got no tats on him so that kind of put who he was out of the fact of who he is now. Game is the most gangsta rapper out there! n thats it!

  5. I think he looks very handome. But he also looks HAPPY! Something most people will never get to experience in a relationship. Leave the Game alone, I like his music and he has a pretty smile let him do his thing, cause he gone do it regardless the haters are just making it easier! Holla

  6. im sorry but this nigga go no type of heart in him 4 real ….. all that serious look all the time u not scaring nobody scuub be who u be!!!!!! and motherfuckers will love u more

  7. quit hating on chuck taylor ,you little bitches ,tounge rings suggest u eat pussy not that your gay,i konw dudes with tounge rings that will smack you face off ..and quit sucking g-unit dick
    i respect the shooter not the victim

  8. tounge rings repesent dick suckers and pussy eaters not being gay ,tooo many fake thugs ..when you become a thug or so called gangsta you dont stop being human .if all you do is gangsta shit &
    never show a emotion your not gangsta you just emulating gangsta…
    or you just a plain evil motherfucker

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