The Internet Won’t Let GZA Forget His “Come Do Me” Phase

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This is a rap nerd gold mine if I ever saw one. Check out The Genius in his oft-forgotten pre Wu-Tang days alongside ‘Ol Dirty Bastard and the RZA; then known as Ason Unique and Prince Rakeem respectively. They’re all featured on a public access show in the Bronx back in ’91. It’s worth watching the whole way through if you’re into seeing notable rappers before they reached prominence. ODB, uncharacteristically reserved, also beat boxed in this clip too. I don’t know who that other guy is.  However I bet he wishes he stayed friends with these cats a little while longer.

Kudos: Ego Trip Land


  1. wowowowow this i old but hot, old school hip hop. He seem to rap better then then now hahah really he dose

    we need more old school post like this

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