The ‘Juan Ep’ Podcast Is Back

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Telling the tale of how Sean Carter became Jay-Z.

There’s no denying Jay-Z’s influence. A man who might be the ultimate personification of “manifest destiny,” Jay consistently leveraged opportunities to climb the ladder, going from street hustler to platinum artist, all the way to knocking on the door of billionaire status thanks to his business acumen. But what about what exists between the lines? How did Sean Carter become Hov?

About one-year ago, the fan-favorite Juan Ep podcast, hosted by Cipha Sound and Peter Rosenberg, turned off their microphones and went off the air. One-year later, the duo is back in a revamped version, formed by a joint venture between Mass Appeal and Endeavor Audio. The product is a better produced podcast that focuses on singular storytelling through commentary, soundbytes, interviews, music snippets, and more. 

Their focus this season is all about informing the masses on Jay’s come-up and takeover. Interviewing legendary hip-hop figures, like Angela Martinez and DJ Scratch, Ciph and Rosenberg spend each episode decoding more and more the Jay-Z blueprint. 

Today, they dropped their third episode, “JAY / The Elusive Clark Kent.”

If you’re behind on the podcast, check out each episode below: