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It never fails to help a man in his hour of need. Bow Wow who is in a little out of his depth after album sales were released yesterday and the ‘hottest thing in 2009’ (his words not mine) isn’t even luke warm right now has openly explained in an interview with Giant Magazine (pleased to see that one is still on the shelf) that Angela Simmons who he has been linked to over the last couple of years is the ‘love of his life.’ And they called it puppy love…
Chin up Bow Wow, you know your girl is getting paid so things will be ok.


  1. Just by looking at the picture I can tell B-wow thinks he’s the better looking of the two. This won’t last. You can look at the picture and tell who had an actual family upbringing and who was raise by the industry. Bow Wow has no class at all. He needs to get knocked on his ass

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