The Over-Saturation Of Nicki Minaj?

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So in case you haven’t had cable or internet in the past year, E! will be running an one-hour special titled The E! Entertainment Special: Nicki Minaj, on July 13th at 10 p.m. EST. I thought I knew all the personal details I needed about Nicki’s life from her many specials and millions of blog posts, but the E! Network apparently disagrees with me.

E! is taking an original angle having Nicki discuss her “transformation from a young girl in Trinidad to a powerhouse performer and artist.” As opposed to the MTV Nicki Minaj hour-long special, where they talked about her growing up in Trinidad.

E! didn’t stop there, their hard hitting journalism team hit the streets to find the most sought after guest stars for the special. Do you ever think to yourself “I wish I knew what Nicki Minaj’s elementary teacher’s thought of her?” Well you can sleep easy now because The E! Entertainment Special will not only bring her teachers out, but childhood friends and parents.

Okay so two networks down, I guess now I should clear room on my DVR for a Nicki Minaj special on BET and VH1 next. Maybe BET can get an exclusive with Nicki’s childhood pediatrician?nicki-minaj-bet-awards-2011-02


  1. After Kim smashed her on that one track, I'm still trying to find what her relevance is other than she's signed to young money and she's hot, and that's not to say that she is not talented, but really what is she saying most of the time

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