The Reason Why Leona Lewis Got Punched Out

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It was reported recently that singer Leona Lewis was punched in the face at a book signing unprovoked. Well she took it so hard that has pulled out of any further appearances to promote her autobiography Dreams.

According to her spokesman, “Leona was due to go to Germany today for promo but that has now been cancelled. Leona is obviously shocked after yesterday but is OK.”

The songstress was set to fly out for a day-long promotional tour, but she is feeling like it’s too soon to face the public.

She even updated her website saying:
Thank you so much for your support it is truly overwhelming. Yesterday was a horrible shock and left me extremely hurt and upset. I’m very sorry to those I wasn’t able to meet at the signing. Thank you again for all of the lovely messages.”

Today it was released why she got punched in the face, the dude was just insane! Twenty three-year-old Peter Kowalczyk was charged with assault on Leona, the Metropolitan Police announced that he will be appearing before the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court in two weeks on October 26th. As of now, the man has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and is classified as insane and we all know how insane people love book signings right? Honestly if your a big celeb in the UK you should have the best security watching your back. How could an insane person be let in that close of a proximity of any guest?dre1