The Roots’ ?uestlove Detained for Being Too Rich

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By: Rizoh

      While the hip-hop community was entangled in a debate about the social responsibility of rappers, the Roots’ co-founder Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson was busy trying to convince the DEA that he didn’t steal his own money. ?uestlove writes in his blog that he was recently held and questioned by airport authorities in Buffalo, on his way back from an Australian gig.

     The Grammy-winning musician raised some red flags because he was wearing a “Rastafaria hat” and carrying a stash of cash collected from deejaying gigs from around the world.

       “I’m sitting there like how am i gonna convince these guys that this dude with 30 dollar old navy jeans (white boy sh*t) and a 3000 dollar louis bag (n***a sh*t) and 5 figures in cash (white boy sh*t) and a coach seat (n***a sh*t) and a story of stadiums sold out across the world (n***a sh*t) but can’t name a hit song of his (white boy sh*t) (and what the hell is you doing in buffalo of all places (white boy question) followed by my "shrug" (n***a response). add on top of that my cd collection: the sly and the family stone box set and ladies of the canyon (joni mitchell) what kind of mofo is this? And 6 books all of connundrums and riddles?

      Something ain’t right here.
It took another half hour before the DEA came and questioned me all over again.”

 ?uestlove described the encounter as the single most embarrassing moment in his life.