The Wires End of Year Awards

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      OK kiddies here is The Wires End of Year Awards for those who have
done something stupid, said something stupid or just plain acted stupid.

The award for ‘I have seen the light’ break up – Britney Spears and K-Fed

The award for the worst painful break up – Game and 50 Cent (yup they
still hurting even after this time and firing shots at each other)

The award for most humiliating break-up – Nick Cannon and Christina
Milian (Damn T-Mobile)

The award for best P.I company disguised as a cell phone company –
T-Mobile (Yup sure Nick and Neo would agree there)

The award for the partnership that never was – Dr. Dre and Game

The award for not knowing your road signs – Nichole Richie

The award for most impressive mafia impersonation – Baby and Wayne

The award for simply running his mouth too much – Bow Wow

The award for been there seen and done it and now trying to write a
book to make me some money because my baby daddy ran off with Kelis
and my other prospect ran off with Beyonce – Carmen Bryan

The award for forgetting to get dressed – Britney Spears

The award for failing to tell her new BFF to get dressed because she
was too busy showing her stuff – Paris Hilton

The award for ‘should have stayed sitting in my exec chair as opposed
to making a come back’ – Jay Z

The award for best fake id – Miss Jones (Hot 97) Where did she get
that fake driving licence?

The award for worst attempt at rehab – Lyndsey Lohan

The Jenny Craig Award for weight loss – Kevin Liles

The "I so need a new stylist" award – Remy Ma

The awards for best [imaginary] interviews and encouraging gossip that
had the web going crazy – Essence and O-Zone

The award for the most anticipated album of the year, well actually
the last two years – Time is Money, Styles P

The award for antagonizing her fellow men  and then doing  a drop for
Power 105 about how she loves Hip-Hop – Oprah Winfrey

Award for the most ridiculous dance/song/craze/phenomenon – Chicken Noodle Soup

The award for the most ridiculous yet so addictive TV show EVER –
Flavor of Love

The award for the most annoying yet overplayed song – It’s going down,
Young Joc

The award for most desperate to have a ring on her finger – Kim Porter

 And finally the award for best Xmas Booty – Mariah Carey

      So from all the staff at The Wire, we wish you and yours a Happy
Holidays. Here’s to more success, more joy and a whole lot more gossip
for 2007.