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A new True Hollywood Stories on the E! network is said to be all about the lives of some of Hip-Hops once biggest names. Interviewing the wives of rappers Mos Def, Big Pun, DMX, Uncle Luke and Paul Wall, the show is apparently going to show us how there relationships have in some cases stood the test of time.
No disrespect but what exactly have these women done that other women don’t deal with on the daily except marry someone who is a rapper and in some cases not a big name at that. I am tired of reading about these chicks attempting to be relevant, I mean I am all for girl power but damn go open your own business or something, don’t let reality TV give you the impression that the people really give a shit about what goes on in your lives as the wife of whoever, because at the end of the day without your husband/ex husband or late husband you are just like any other chick from around the way.
Show is set to air on April 29th.