The Yutes Curate A Green-Friendly Playlist With “The Yutes’ Top Weed Anthems”

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The most necessary joints to light up to — personally curated by The Yutes.

Fresh off their Curren$y-assisted “High Grade” single, The Yutes have asserted themselves as a high-flying duo with a flair for dynamic music. Their love for blending genres rivals their appreciation for marijuana, and they’re at their best when uniting these two passions, such as on “High Grade.” Recently, the Jamaican brother duo, composed of Chris and Tris, put their official stamp on their favorite weed-related tracks by curating the smoker soundtrack, “The Yutes’ Top Weed Anthems.”

As creators, the American transplants imbue their music with their heritage — both sonically and conceptually — and supplement it with a modern hip-hop edge. As consumers, they appreciate a diverse genre spectrum — one that resonates with their comprehensive tastes, and typically celebrates cannabis. On “The Yutes’ Top Weed Anthems,” Chris and Tris manifest this eclectic pallet by compiling 15 of their favorite green tracks into a must-listen playlist.

From Wiz Khalifa to John Holt, The Yutes have provided a textured soundscape for your next smoke sesh. You might feel a little hazy, but the vibes will be on point.

Tap in by hitting play on “The Yutes’ Top Weed Anthems” below: