This Beat Is Beatarded

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If you haven’t heard these boys- The Beatards you are seriously sleeping.  The trio is made up of UTK the INC, DJ O, and Chuck Wild. Individually they’re ridiculously talented and collectively they’re bonkers!  When Chuck Wild isn’t in the lab cooking up beats, juggling dub plates, DJ’ing at a ski resort, corporate party or downtown super fresh hot event- he’s on the road getting funky, sweating it up jumping up and down with the mad energy in The Beatards. Chuck Wild can flip it from the mic to the turntables while on stage too!  They’ve remixed countless songs for other artists as well produced their own material.  UTK well he’s a phenomenal actor. He’s been in commercials, pilots, several off broadway plays and that’s just the start of his career.  Some of you may have seen him in that dollar menu McDonalds commercial. UTK brings the girls out- he’s super slick and cute- entertaining on the mic and has the audience eating out the palm of his hands.  And DJ O– well he’s the Korean and proud. On the decks holding it down but playing hype man, getting grimy and every once in a while will pull out the harmonica, guitar or tamborine- He’s got gifts O and speaking of– have you tried his Kimchee? It’s the best hands down! It’s getting rave reviews everywhere. Mama O’s. I even went to a tasting a year or so back- the early Mama O days and people were waiting in line to by tubs of it. This was at Essex Street Market.

A few years back they launched this crazy party- quickly rose to hottest in NY called Mixtape Riot., I was also part of that party- I did the promo and bookings.  The 3 of them would back up the artist in live beat making- literally remixing tracks creating them live right there.  Noone was doing that at a party so it quickly became critically acclaimed and artists coming through town wanted to rock one!  Mixtape Riot ended as a monthly as The Beatards wanted to concentrate on their own artform- creating, writing and performing their own material live.  It didn’t take them long before they were performing in front of packed crowds, selling out merch and mix cd’s and doing festival gigs.  ‘The Big Bad Beat’ was their first official release.  With this album The Beatards blend a popular variety of hip-hop, electronic and international sounds that reflect upon the band’s diverse individual backgrounds and collective global experience. The Beatards make music for the NEW generation.

Up next came ‘Don’t Step on my Sneakers’ the split single featuring the hot video “Get Lite”- Here you see them trampolining, skateboarding- just having a good time. Getting Lifted!

Oh they also just rocked Bamboozle- Here’s a little clip!

We will be hearing a lot from these guys- mark my word- we just got to get them active on Twitter and overall social web. We want more crazy blogs/vlogs and tweets!!   Put those Tweets in The Big Bad Beat and look for a new album dropping soon! Heard the album cover is ridiculous!


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