Three 6 Mafia Settles Attacked Fan’s Lawsuit

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      Tennessee rap group Three 6 Mafia have settled a case brought by a man who alleged that their song caused a violent attack on him. Ramone Williams, then 19, claimed he suffered serious injuries at a Pittsburgh concert in 2003 when fans took the lyrics of the song "Let’s Start A Riot" too seriously.
      Williams said he was tossed to the floor, struck with a chair, and kicked in the face during the attack. He also suffered a fractured jaw as a result of the incident.
      However, Williams received an undisclosed financial settlement from the Oscar-winning group last month. Three-6-Mafia became the first rap group to win an Oscar award, when their song "It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp," from the film Hustle & Flow clinched the Best Song trophy.