TI Gets Heated

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

       The self proclaimed King of the South got a lil heated with someone who threw something on stage at him at a show. Check out the video below…ole boy been going through it recently though..

Jimmy Mad at G Unit

      We talked yesterday about how annoyed Jimmy has got to be over Verizon pulling out of the sponsoring of Gwen Stefani’s tour because of Akon and his inability to keep his pelvis still ..but word is Jimmy is none too pleased with the roster over at G Unit and sees 50 as the main money man over there. So basically what is the point of the rest of the crew? I guess only time will tell.


  1. I give TI his respect for not doing no Negro shit by jumping off that mother fucker and trying to whupped on that hoes ass because he the best of the new breed of hip hop right now and don’t need some lil shit like that to get him locked up or in court that is if know one took that money offer lol. Man soon as I heard amusement park 50 officially buried his crew.

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