T.I. to Remain in Jail for a Long Time

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By: Rizoh
      T.I., who was arrested by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives agents on federal gun charges last weekend, has been ordered today to remain in custody until a bail hearing later this week. The self-proclaimed King of the South was cuffed on Saturday, just before his scheduled appearance at the 2007 BET Hip-Hop Awards.

      Federal authorities say he tried to buy three machine guns and two silencers from a man cooperating with the ATF. Prosecutors are hoping to keep T.I. detained until his trial date. If convicted, the 27-year old rapper could face more than five in prison.


  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    This is not DaddyStell this is his boy Dessial, are you really going to listen to this fool? First off 2 is spelled two and not to in that context and you need a fucking verb before bet. Secon the man was just purchasing some fiearms to get ready for hip-hop vs. america (lol) Trap Musik you heard. haha do the damn thang tip

  2. ti was at the top of his game. chevy indorsments movies wit denzel and #1 albums. u dont need dat bullshit in yo life bra! u got tooo much money for dat shit. dats what bodyguards are for. i guess dat was tip saturday and not t.i!

  3. thug till the end my nig i got mad love for u. them niggas aint gon protect u when them bitch niggas come to yo crib and get down wit ya man keep thuggn my nig

  4. Something’s not right with this story to me, I can’t see him doing no stupid shit like this when he has a lot going on for him. Anyways, black people!!! Wake up its open season on us!!!! We gotta do better. I told y’all thugs and gangstas, yt is plotting 24/7!!!!

  5. That was some set up shit to brang the nigga TI down, and he fell in the trap for real. They trying to bring all the big black celebs down for real. We making to much money folks wake up people!

  6. i mean if u look at it t.i. so far in the game that is crazy so ppl gon come at his head. so yea he gon need heat but at the same time he gotta remember who he is…………..t.i. he best rapper spittin………so y get into this shit………wit a bodyguard he only knew for 2 months????????? come on tip…………..u shoulda sent big kuntry king or dro or c-rod somebody u know or somethin………….shit alfa mega swole ass aint there for nuthin

  7. Now you know the streets cant beat without the king at the throne, you dont smell this … bullshit. when a nigga got paper long as hime, why would you put yourself in a situation to sit down for some years, thats not in your home of luxury…. think about it

  8. I cant believe your ignorance has you convinced that they hatting on TI. yous a dub muthafukca! Playas fukc up… now he is going to have to man up to his mistakes.

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