T.I. Wastes No Time, New Reality TV Show Premieres December And New Novel Set To Release In October

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Freedom at least! T.I. is finally out, hopefully it will stay that way! And he definitely is not wasting any time at all. He plans to have yet another reality TV show following his life post-incarceration. The show will premiere on VH1 December 5th 2011 at 10pm ET/PT.

There will be 10 half-hour episodes showing T.I. “at his most vulnerable state.” The series will focus on T.I.’s family life and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of T.I. in the studio, working on his latest album.

The people over at VH1 are extremely excited:

“Viewers have always connected with T.I. and we are definitely thrilled to show the next chapter of this incredible artist’s riveting life with this new series… T.I. is such a multi-talented artist and actor, and though he has had some setbacks, there is no doubt he will use his considerable talents to get back on top of both the music and film business,” Jeff Olde, VH1’s exec VP of original programming and production, said in the announcement.

UPDATE: T.I. also officially signed a book deal with Harper Collins. The title is “Power and Beauty,” which is a fictional piece about two childhood friends deeply affected by the dangerous urban life on the Atlanta streets. The book is set to release this October. Get it, T.I.!