#TieDyeSwag It’s What You Are About To Be Rocking!

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There are a few Keys to knowing that a style or item will pop. It usually starts with a person that doesn’t give a f*ck about what other people think and just rocks shit he/she likes.  As a guy you also know something is brewing in the trend cycle when most dudes/haters like iHipHop Sam hate on a style while women give you props for your Peacocking.

Tie Dye has been around since the Hippy days.  With free spirit partying, weed consumption, and drug consumption in general being cooler than ever in music and the culture its only right these items come back in the shape of hoodies and shirts. Especially considering we know with the camo/animal print #Swag is coming to a close, you know that Tie Dye and Dip Dying is NEXT!
So you heard it hear 1st kids!  Cop some Tie Dye and ride the wave, OR go to Dr. Jays and cop that Coogi Camo pant suit you have been saving up for…your choice..!!!!
iHipHopSam Edit:  Even though DG called me a hater, the guy may be on to something.  Rappers are making songs in dedication to the swag and Yealwolf is rocking the #TieDyeSwag heavy in his newest video.  See below.

Mod Sun ft Schoolboy Q “Tie Dye Everything”