Tierra Whack Releases “Wasteland”

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The Philly rapper’s reign continues.

Tierra Whack’s “Whack History Month” continues with today’s “Wasteland.”

Following “Gloria,” “Only Child,” and “CLONES,” “Wasteland” continues her onslaught of new music while painting the Philly rapper in an introspective light. Throughout the track, Tierra reflects openly and honestly about what it means to be a single woman in 2019.

Proud of her ability to be alone despite creeping loneliness, Tierra beautifully begins the song by singing, “Chilling in the hills, hills have eyes / Can’t be seen with you, you don’t match my fly.” Tierra masterfully weaves profound messages into a simple exterior, further proving her overall artistic command.

The very same person who delivered the uniquely-structured Whack World, Tierra Whack consistently outdoes herself by pushing the creative envelope–as well as herself in the process.

Listen to “Wasteland” below: