Timbo and Timberlake Take Over

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      The new BBF must have upset the DJ at Jet Club at the Mirage in Vegas the other night. The two not content with taking over the charts (yeah not quite I know) they take over some poor DJs set. Just where do these celebs get off? I am sure the crowd were happy to witness such a monumental occasion….NOT. Anyhow Vegas is going to be a buzz later this week for the XYZ Awards..sorry MTV awards.

Big Girl you are Beautiful

      Chris Brown not ashamed to cavort on stage with the healthy women among us…good for you Chris …still not sure what you were talking about in parts in your recent Vibe interview but you get brownie points for this…


  1. I just watched the special on their performance live and I was disapointed. Timbo needs a better sound tech and Justin needs a better rhythm then just doing what timbo does..Their still great performing artists and are at the top of their game so thats just me..peace

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