Too $hort on Don Imus: “It was just jokes”

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By: Rizoh

      Too Short has spoken out on some controversies involving the use of the N-word by radio host Don Imus and, most recently, TV personality Duane “Dog” Chapman.

      Short, who is famous for his own foul-mouthed lyrics, rebuked Dog’s comments as offensive. “I’m pretty sure we all have our moments,” Short said about Dog’s use of the N-word in a private conversation with his son. He added: “But the way he was using it was derogatory.”

      On the flip side, Short Dog said Imus was only joking when he referred to the Rutgers female basketball team as “nappy headed h*es.”  He told TMZ in a video interview that “the Imus thing was jokes, it was a hateful joke but it was jokes, it didn’t bother me that much because I throw the word hoes around a lot myself. It wasn’t really a baaaad thing to me, so I can understand him getting back on the air, I really do.”