Tough at The Top

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

Tough at The Top

      Funny how karma always comes back around…Rev Al Sharpton had his offices raided by the Feds yesterday. Tax evasion no less I heard..I mean come on..when you put yourself in the public eye like Ole Al does you need to make sure your shit is kosher..otherwise the cops are gonna come a knockin.


  1. your right especially he had single handedly took down a big white radio personality Imus and has Bill O’reily kissing his ass and eating dinner in Harlem.

  2. On some real shit The Feds sometimes target Black people n Power.for they don’t like when one of us has to much influence on the public.Mostly Blacks That racism ass organization.

  3. man black people should really wake up. this isnt about taxes they’re tring to take the voice that represents us as a race not everybody like al but he is in the position to get some of our points heard and across.taxes is the easiest way to bring someone down when you can’t find anything else on them. like john gotti and others these whities tring to kill us.knowledge you had to know that bra, if not then loose the name its not a good look 4 ya.stop downing our race.

  4. al sharpton doesnt represent anybody but his damb self. when was the last time you seen him in your hood askin if there was somehing he could do to help. yall see these people on tv and yall think they tryin to save the black race. yall better wake the fuck up. these people are nothin more than opportunist like knoledge stated. they’re only looking out for themselves, i bet if they ewre elected president it would be worse than having bush in office. you guys are looking up to the wrong people. try doing some research on barrok oboma, mlk, fredrick duglas

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