Trae Tha Truth Shot

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Just hours after releasing a freestyle over Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like,” Trae Tha Truth was shot outside of the Scores Cabaret strip club in Houston earlier today. He was among five wounded, three of which died at the crime scene.

A few hours later, one of Trae’s photographers tweeted “Everybody TRAE is ok. Minor gunshot wound.” along with a picture of Trae in his hopsital garments (see below).

The names of the three people who died have not been released but it has been confirmed that the victims were two males and a female. Witnesses have reported to local Houston news outlets that around 20 shots were fired total in the strip club parking lot.

UPDATE: Trae recently spoke to XXL about the incident. Here’s what he had to say.

“I’m not sure exactly what the altercation was necessarily about, but long story short, whatever transpired, they ran in my direction, so in the process of running in my direction, that kind of had everybody in the open,” Trae told about the incident, which took place outside of Scores Cabaret. “So as the altercation came my way, shots were being dispersed, but since it was coming our direction, it was a crowd of people. Everybody was wrong place, wrong time.”