Train Wreck Central: Octomom In A Bikini(Pictorial)

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I must say Octomom`s stomach does not look as horrible as I once remembered,  although I dont know what she did to her face  atleast she wont be compared to Angelina Jolie anymore and that’s a good thing right? My question is this: Who thought it was great idea to take shots of Nadya Suleman in a bikini? I honestly didn’t think there were that many drugs on the planet.1-0875


  1. I honestly didn't think there was that many drugs either next they will have Rosie O Donnell in a bikini!

  2. shes disgusting , she looks like a pale, chicken skined, blk haired cracked out version of Heidi Montag with her belly button drawn on with a sharpie..Also in that second to last pic her foot looks manish and webbed,

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