Treach Detained and Questioned In New Jersey Following 24hr Shooting Spree

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      Rapper Treach of the Hip-Hop duo Naughty By Nature was detained by police yesterday, after a slew of shootings seized the city of Newark, NJ. According to local police two men were shot dead and five others were wounded in separate incidences – all within a 24-hour period in the city.

      Officers pulled Treach over for driving his Hummer erratically and found the rapper wearing a bullet proof vest.

     Within a day two teens shot and killed each other, a man and a woman were shot in the face, a man was shot in the leg, another was shot in the foot, and another man was hit by stray bullets that pierced his front door.

      In another incident in Irvington, NJ a 27-year-old Neward man shot a driver stopped at a traffic light and killed a pedestrian. The same man shot a police sargent in his patrol car before being arrested.



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