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I guess it’s all about face tattoos these days.  This is great because you just feel bad for Yung LA.  I mean Gucci is still a nutcase but at least he is rich.  There is no way Yung LA has more than 150K in his bank account right now.  10 years from now Yung LA won’t be Yung LA.  He will be the guy with a f*cking duck tattooed on his face.  Drink more lean Yung LA, seriously drink more lean. Spotted at SS.  I guess he has also severed ties with Grand Hustle.  According to DX:

  • “With the breakup and me not doing business with Grand Hustle anymore, it’s a lot of controversy in the streets,” LA said. “It’s just a new day for me. I’m trying to do what’s best for me and what’s best for my career.” Yung LA will apparently be releasing material on his own Crush Da Block imprint, and he says his first order of business will be the Tattoos And Jewelry mixtape. “It’s gonna be one of my biggest mixtapes. I’m only giving out 10 songs.”

Sounds like LA has it all figured out.  Why do I get the distinct feeling his life is “like a movie”.