Trippie Redd Releases Long-Teased Track, “I Kill People!”

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Featuring fellow Tekashi adversaries, Tadoe and Chief Keef.

Hip-hop beefs have been ingrained in this culture since the genre’s genesis. From battles between 2Pac and Big, to Jay-Z and Nas, artists lyrically going at each other’s jugulars is as important for hip-hop as the very words being rapped. Recently, quarrels have erupted from diverse camps, including the succulent beef between Drake and Push, but also between new wave ambassadors, Tekashi 6ix9ine and Trippie Redd.

These multi-colored artists once respected each other as artists and contemporaries, but, as is so common with ego-driven professions, that cordialness has dissolved into deep contention. With each artist taking to their respective IGs to disdain their adversary, most, if not all, of this dispute has manifested as all bark–we have yet to seen a bite. Enter Trippie Redd’s new song, “I Kill People!” featuring Tadoe and Chief Keef.

This release has hijacked the spotlight for several reasons: it’s the first sonic materialization of the Trippie x 6ix9ine beef, but also because the two featured artists are fellow individuals at the center of one of Tekashi’s plentiful discords. Will Tekashi respond? Just like Drake in his beef with Push, the jury is still out.

Check out “I Kill People!” below: