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Looks like Akon is getting it from all angles right now. The father and once manager of Konvict music star T Pain has spoke out about the business ethics of his sons label boss, Akon. Shaheed Najm definitely does not sugar coat his words either when speaking to Ozone mag. Check it
“Akon and Bu are nasty ass n*ggas. They’re supposed to be Muslims but there’s nothing Islamic about what they did to my family,” he stated. “I’ll slap the s**t out of Akon. He’s a thieving, un-Islamic, back-stabbing p***y. Put that in the book. I’m hotheaded enough to tell him that to his face…Now when [T-Pain] comes to town, I graciously honor him for his accomplishments and keep my old ass at home.”
The basics of this story is T Pain’s Dad is a lil salty after Akon and his business partner said one thing to him and another to T Pain when he was managing Pain which ended up causing serious friction between the father and son, which also resulted in Pop Pain losing out on a whole load of cash. No word yet on this from Akon, but goddamn does that guy attract controversy or what?