Tupac Shakur Signs a New Deal

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By: Rizoh

      2Pac’s mother Afeni Shakur has struck a deal with EverGreen Copyrights that will provide the publisher with a revenue stream from more than 350 songs, countless albums worth of unreleased material, and several poems. Evergreen acquired the writer’s share of Tupac Shakur’s publishing catalog from his mom, but Universal Music Publishing Group will continue to administer the copyrights in the catalog.

      “I believe that after 10 years, I have done as much as I can on my own to further the creative aspect of Tupac’s music,” Afeni said in a statement.   
      According to David Schulhof, co-CEO of EverGreen, there are several projects in the works to promote the music. Karolyn Ali, who worked on Tupac: Resurrection and Preston Holmes are producing a feature film, dubbed Live 2 Tell, from a script written by ‘Pac while serving in prison. Also in the works are: a biopic on the late legend’s life and Broadway musical featuring ‘Pac’s music.

      “People already have recognized him [2Pac] as one of the greatest artists in rap music,” says Shulhof, “but in time, he will be on the same level as someone like Bob Marley—someone who has an important impact on the world not only as a musical genius, but as a political figure.”

      Well, I’m sure people will remember 2Pac just fine, as long as we let his spirit rest in peace.


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