Tyler The Creator: “I’m Hungry For VMAs And Grammys…F*ck This Underground Bullsh*t!”

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“I don’t want to sound too full of myself, but I’m the hottest n*gga right now”

Cocky or confident?  Tyler The Creator has made it clear that his ambitions stretch far beyond his crew’s circle of underground praise, as he’s gone on record saying that he’s shooting for Kanye West numbers and openly disregarded underground acts such as the Gravediggaz.  With his Goblin album looming and major labels/the Diddler bidding on the OFWGKTA collective, Tyler might not be that far off.

In a recent interview with DRONE, Tyler made some valid points amidst a stream of boasting.  He rightfully compares the vulgarity of his music to publically accepted works such as Quentin Tarantino films, contrasting it with race dichotomy (“every song’s a story to me…have you seen Quentin Tarantino’s f*cking movie?  Why does every one get their f*cking d*ck cut off or some sh*t…it’s f*cking art.  Why when some black kid says it, it’s such a big f*ckin deal”)  ….  He talks about how he’s always felt rebellious and how he was teased as a youngster.  Speaking on how he was made fun of in middle school for listening to ‘white music’ like Slipknot and Good Charlotte  Tyler humorously states, “that sh*t irks me when people bring race into dumb sh*t…like it’s f*cked up for the black community.  The black community’s already f*cked up…this ain’t a Tyler Perry movie, n*gga

Overall, this is an entertaining interview.  I think we’re all looking forward to see how Goblin will perform when it stores May 10th


  1. this is nothin new, shock rap is just one of the many cycles of hip hop. doubt this dude or his group will even be mentioned as someone ud want to hop on a freestyle with in a year.

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